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Goods Inwards

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This screen presents a list of Purchase Orders made for the products to be delivered to the warehouse.

Viewing a List of Goods Inwards

1. To see the list of Purchase Orders, please, go to Purchase Orders > Goods Inwards tab of the Admin panel. You should end up with a page looking like this:

Goods inwards list.jpeg
  • Suppliers Name - the name of the supplier the product was ordered from.
  • Order ID - the Purchase Order Id.
  • Linked Order ID - the Parent Sales Order Id.
  • Date Ordered - the date the product was ordered.
  • Delivery Date - the date the product is to be delivered.
  • Order Type - the type of the order. It may be Stock, Purchase or Return Order.
  • Order Status - the current order status. It may be as follows:
    • Ordered - the product is ordered at a supplier but is not yet delivered to the warehouse.
    • Return - the product was returned by the customer.
    • Arrived - the products have already arrived to the warehouse.
    • Part Received - the products have arrived to the warehouse and have already been partly allocated.
    • Part Delivered - the products have partly arrived to the warehouse but have not been allocated yet. This status is created from the Stock Orders List page.
    • Processed - the products have already been allocated either to the warehouse or to the orders.
  • Actions - this button can take two forms:
    • Little house.jpg - it allows to mark Ordered products as Arrived;
    • Little pen.jpg - it allows to process all the other types of orders.

2. To see which products are inside the order, click the expansion button (Expansion button.jpeg).

Inside goods inwards.jpeg

Order Search

To find the order you need, you may use a set of filters located above the table. You may sort the orders by their ID, Linked Order's ID, Supplier's Name, Order Delivery Date, Status and Type.


Delivery Date Filter

To find all the orders delivered in April 2011, you need to:

1. Specify the dates in the Delivery Date Start and Delivery Date End fields.

Del date start end.jpeg

2. Click the Search button.


You will be presented with a list of orders delivered in April.

April delivered orders.jpeg

Order Processing

1. When a Stock, Purchase or Return Order is created, it can be seen in the Goods Inwards grid. Its status is Ordered at this stage.

Ordered order.jpeg

2. When the product arrives, click the Little house.jpg button to mark the product as arrived.

Mark product arrived.jpeg

The order status changes into Arrived and the Little pen.jpg button appears in the Actions column.

Order is arrived.jpeg

3. Click the Little pen.jpg button to process the order and allocate the products.

Process goods inwards.jpeg

In the opened window you will see the products contained in this order - their Names, Codes, Status, the Quantity Ordered and Already Received as well as the Outstanding Quantity.

Products in the order.jpeg

4. Make the changes in the Quantity Outstanding field (if any).
If you are processing a Return Order, please, go here.


5. Click the Process Order button.

Process order.jpeg
Put to warehouse.jpeg
  • If it is a Stock Order, the products will be put to the warehouse.
  • If it is a Purchase Order, the products will be allocated to the orders.

Quantity of Product Received

1. Both for Stock and Purchase Orders the Quantity Received is by default equal to the Quantity Ordered.

Qty received.jpeg

2. If the actual Quantity Received is less, you may change the figure manually in the Quantity Received field.

Actual received.jpeg

3. Click the Process Order button.

Process order.jpeg
  • The arrived products will be allocated to orders or sent to the warehouse.
  • The Order Status will be changed into Part Received.
Prt received.jpeg

4. Find the order in the list by its ID and click the Little pen.jpg button again.
The actual quantity received will be displayed in the Already Received field and the quantity that is still expected to arrive - in the Quantity Received field.

Already received.jpeg

Return Orders Processing

1. In Return Orders the Quantity Received is by default equal to 0. This means that the products returned to the warehouse are to be written-off. To do this, click the Process Order button.

Return order.jpeg
  • If a returned product turns out to be undamaged and can be sold again, specify the quantity in the Quantity Received field, press Enter key on your keyboard to confirm the input and click the Process Order button.
Return unhurt.jpeg
Process order.jpeg

2.The credit note will be created automatically.

Credit note for return.jpeg

3. Process the created Credit Note. For further information, please, go here.